Founded in 1990, EXSER is one of Chile’s largest exporters of fresh fruit. Due to the northern hemisphere’s counter season, Chile’s climate has enabled the country to become one of the greatest exporters of fresh fruit and the largest exporter of grapes.

Although the company is mainly focused on the exportation of table grapes in all their varieties, it also has a great production of avocados, clementines and apricots.

The company is made up of highly trained personnel with vast experience, including growers, packers and product marketers.
One of EXSER’s main advantages is the excellent relationship it has attained with its main producers after years of trust.

Its owners actively participate in company management, where 50% of production is company owned, counting with over 1.000 hectares of plantations located in ample developed properties between Chile’s IV and VII regions.

Employing cutting edge technology, EXSER’s land (company owned and the land belonging to producers) is equipped with the latest generation cold storage and packing.

In the last season, the export volume surpassed 5.000.000 boxes. Their principal destinations are the United States, Europe, England, Asia and Latin America.

In order to guarantee the quality, hygiene and innocuous characteristics of its products, EXSER boasts several international certifications, with stand outs like Global Gap, Tesco Nature's Choice, Rainforest Alliance, HACCP and BRC.